• Ceebee02
  • 2 years ago

I'm almost 19 years old.. I am 5 feet even and weigh 85 pounds (which is healthy for me). I am SO self conscience with my body because I feel like I have the body of a 7 year old.  My Bra size is a AA.. And I have been wanting to get a breast augmentation for awhile because I feel that it would boost my confidence level and make me actually feel happy about myself for once.  My boyfriend told me that if I went through with it, he would dump me.. but it isn't because I want men to see me.. It's just that I want to feel like a Woman for once.. not a child. - My mother has small tatas so its not like they are guna grow much more.   * Please give me your opinions on my situation ! *

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I am 21 years old (almost 22 in August woohoo!) and have considered breast implants since i was your age. Take your time with it, save money, research everything including risks and complications. My mom and my boyfriend are the only people that know about my decision. My boyfriend seems to think that he likes my boobs just the way they are, but is supportive of the decision that i am making. My mom doesn't like the idea, but she is also supportive ( although if i came to her at 18 and said i want breast implants she would of said 'absolutely not'). I am older now and i have really thought about it and ready to take action. There really is a lot that needs to be thought out. Like how you will pay for the surgery and other fees, medications etc.. Also, post-surgery, you will need someones help to do everything, even help you shower and wash your hair for at least a solid week . Talk to your mom about it, and in the end, if you end up waiting a bit (even if its just to save money like i am right now!!!), you can never go wrong with some super cute crazy pushup bras from Victoria Secret or La Senza. Keep us posted
Ceebee02 - getting implants is a really personal decision. The one thing I thought of immediately was the fact that there is an average of about 10-15 years lifespan for implants. The possibility of you having to have them redone in your 20's or 30's is very high. Here is a post from RealSelf I found today Take your time and do your research. Make the best decision for you.

I'm sorry you're not getting more support from your boyfriend. It's your body and I think you should do what you like. That said, give this a lot of thought. What does your mom say? Is she on board?