PLEASE PLEASE HELP with choosing Rhinoplasty Doctor in South Florida/Miami for primary nose job!!!

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  • 1 year ago

I am researching rhinoplasty surgeons in Miami as well and I have had consults with dr. Bustillo, Dr. Ryan Greene, and Dr. Epstein. I am really looking for someone who is good at creating natural reductions in bulbous tips in patients with thick skin. This is a primary rhinoplasty, and I really want to make sure I am making the right choice and I am not really sold on the doctors above. Therefore, I am considering doing an additional consult with Dr. Davis and Dr. Schwartz. If anyone has any info on these South Florida doctors, I would LOVE to hear how about it. I am having such a difficult time finding real information or feedback on these doctors. Please e-mail me at sam****** or post to the website. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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did you ever have the surgery?
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You may also want to take a look at Dr. Steiger! He's on Boca Raton and I've heard nothing but awesome reviews
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I had consults with Dr. Epstein, Dr. Davis, Dr. Wolf, but I chose Dr. Storch in Aventura. I am so happy with my choice, he is definitely the best in South Florida!!
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Dr.Salzhauer is amazing he did my rhinoplasty; he is hands down the best plastic surgeon in miami- he has also done some other work on my body in addition to my nose:) hope this helps!
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Did you have any luck???
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no luck so far unfortunately..
Me neither. I'm thinking about dr. Cochran in Dallas.