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Please help! Looking for Rhino Specialist in DC/MD/VA/NY/NJ or anywhere in between to help with my ethnic nose!

  • rubyrox2013
  • 1 year ago

Hello lovelies! After nearly 18 years of hating my nose and wanting a nose job, I'm finally taking the plunge. I've read reviews on a number of surgeons and they seem to be pretty mixed. I am of Iranian descent and have attached a pic of my nose. Be kind, y'all. I didn't realize just how big it was til I took this photo! I am looking for a surgeon to refine the tip- but would appreciate any feedback as to what you think needs to be done. It does have a very slight dorsal bump, but I'm not really concerned with that. I want to look good from the front, and a surgeon who knows how to refine giant schnozzes like mine is what I'm looking for :-). I'm open to traveling for the surgery as a last resort, but would rather stay local in case I need follow up help. I've read alot of reviews stating that folks needed steroid shots and such, and would rather have one doc to handle everything. Again, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!  

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Good for you for doing this! In this pic your nose doesn't really look all that big, but I can't see the context of the rest of your face. You might want to try the Doctor Finder link at the top of this page to search for surgeons in the above mentioned locales. Please keep us posted!

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Thank you so much! I've been lurking on here for a while and it seems that no surgeon has 100% happy patients, which is realistic but disappointing. Based on their websites and the reviews on here, the main doctors I'm considering are: Dr Eric Joseph Dr Steven Pearlman Dr Thomas Loeb Dr Norman Pastorek or Daniel Baker (though I cannot for the life of me find any before/after patient pics!) Has anyone had primary rhinoplasty with any of these doctors? I'd appreciate any opinions or reviews. Thank you in advance!
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