Please help. 440CC implants on petite frame. BA booked for 12 February. :)

  • lucylouxxx
  • 1 year ago

Hi guys, I am new to this site so would really appreciate some feedback from my post. Ok, so I am due to have 440cc over anatomical alergen soft touch implantson the 12th feb 13. I currently have 275cc implants and am a small c. My stats are below 5ft 3 8stone Size 6 My frame on the top is really petite, my shoulders are really narrow. I guess my question is will a 440cc implant be a good size for me? the reason for having my second ba is I simply want bigger boobs!!! I want them to look pretty big!! Will I achieve this look with these size implants, giving my frame is small.   I was originally going to have 470cc's but to avoid any chance of double bubble my surgeon recommened 440cc as this implant is shorter in verticle height but has the same dimentions as the 470cc.   Any one with any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank youuuu x