Please Name for Me Some Great Rhinoplasty Specialists in the South (United States)!!!

  • FurElise
  • Georgia
  • 2 years ago

Okay, so it looks like that Dr. William Silver (GA- where I live) is INSANELY expensive!!! D':< Wayyy to expensive for me! It's like $7000-9000 WITHOUT anesthesia or hospital costs! The anesthesia and hospital would add an extra $3000!!! So, I can't have a $12,000 rhinoplasty... :( Please name names, and tell me who is awesome! ;D =_= I have been researching this stuff for so long! Help me! Thanks for the plethora of quality recommendations! :)

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Dr. Steiger is located in Boca Raton Fl! He starts at $5500 and he is double board certified and an EMT! I've done an extensive amount of research on him and he's amazing! I can't wait to get my nose done by him!
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if you are willing to travel to miami dr salzhauer is definitely the doctor you want doing your rhinoplasty; he is reasonable in terms of price and truly amazing with his work. hope this helps
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