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Why is Plastic Surgery So Cheap in Belgium?

  • newtoski
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  • 3 years ago

I've been warned off from developing and middle-income countries for medical tourism. But what about Belgium? Prices seem to be about 30% off the US and 50% off the UK. Does anyone here have experience with Belgian plastic surgery clinics? (Which ones? )

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I had my surgery done in Cracow, Poland and it was really fantastic. The conditions were great and I couldn't have found a better surgeon. I definitely recommned the place. Good luck.
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Hi, I've had an abdominoplasty done in Belgium at the UZ VUB hospital in Brussels. I am surprised to hear about the bad experiences some of you may have had. I went to Belgium because I find it much safer than in the UK. The hospitals are top! You can't fault it. Hospitals in the UK are prehistoric compared to Belgium. My PS was very good, I can't complain. Prices in the UK are also crazy, how can they justify such prices. An initial consultation cost about £170 - £200!!! To look and discuss treatment! I paid £20 for an initial consultation. My TT cost £3000 (2 nights in hospital). My room was stunning, can't beat it. Nurses very competent. I honestly find it safer there. Everything is so much more expensive in the UK and healthcare is rubbish.
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And i wonder why my experience has not been published...i wrote a detailed account ,but so far it has not been published here?
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I recently had rubbish facial surgery in Poland with Dr utter waste of money..i look exactly as i did before but actually looser if anything.
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Hi, PS here in Belgium or doing everything , all kinds of plastic surgery for cheaper prices, There is none of them specialised in faces , they are cheaper because the costs of the clinics are less then in other countries and sometimes they can bill the invoice that you get an amount back from the insurance.
I know one who is specialised in breasts and one for the eyes, you better spend a bit more with good outcome then take risks.
I even got a name from a UK PS , as a belgian doctor also mentionad, nobody here is well trained. His name was Barry or something, very expensive but the best in europe.
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Hi, I live in Belgium and had a breast augmentation and rhinoplasty here. If you want I can tell you all about it. But I can already say that I prefer the US for my surgeries. I had my revision rhinoplasty in DC and am very happy with the profesionalism, service and (so far) the results. A little more expensive but definitely worth it. Never be cheap on surgery. Its your physical and mental health!
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Do you mind telling me who did your revision rhinoplasty? I live near DC and am trying to find one that does a high volume of rhino revisions
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Hi Newtoski,

Prices are low because unexperienced or untrained doctors practice at uncontrolled clinics. They heavily advertise in the UK.

Well trained plastic surgeons who work in accredited clinics are still cheaper then most private clinics in the UK. But not in the range you mention.

Check ISAPS or for properly trained plastic surgeons.
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Hi newtoski -- Interesting question. What procedure are you considering?

I think the most important thing is not where but who. If you can find a board-certified surgeon with good credentials that you trust, go for it. Also, remember that you'll have to figure in travel expenses, and if you need a follow-up or have any complications then that will add to the cost.

I found a related thread with an unfortunately negative experience in Belgium: Plastic Surgery in Belgium

There are also a few other RealSelfers who have had various procedures in Belgium (lipo, facelift, etc). Let me know what you're considering and I'll dig them up for you. :)

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Be carefull, I had a facelift 2.5 years ago and still suffering from bad results. My face has completely changed, the lift was done by dr. Vansteenland in belgium, antwerp. Before the lift she said i would look the same only better. Now after 2.5 years, sutures came loose, i feel them under my skin and i can touch them. My face shape changed for the worse. She has taken so much skin away it has to repaired in two steps if ever possible. I contacted several surgons in belgium, nobody here seems to know how. Finally i got contact with specialist from other countries and it can be improved but it will be a long way. The wrong lift was choosen by her and i will have to dael with the complications for the rest of my life. be carefull, do your homework, ask for references, and dont make mistakes by trusting a surgeon who seems to know everything.
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