Do plastic surgeons differ by region?

  • Bethy_R
  • Birmingham, Al
  • 3 years ago

I live in a less of a Big City area (NYC, LA) and closer to a smaller City (Pensacola). The three surgeons I have had consultations with have seem put off by what i want to look like after my surgery. Will a bigger city doctor be less of a judge and more of a surgeon? Do I have to go all the way to hollywood to get starlet breasts or would Miami suffice. Anyone have any recommendations for Florida Plastic Surgeons that wont balk at giving a more barbie look? (Katie price not Sheyla Hershey)

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Part of a surgeon's job is to evaluate what you want and weigh it against your body's structure and tissues. It's possible that your surgeon wasn't judging, but was trying to be realistic about what he or she could achieve. I'm sure you can find a doctor to do most anything you want, just please be sure they are ASPS board certified and have great track records.

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