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A Plastic Surgeon That I Went to Said That Madonna Has a Perfect Nose - Do You Agree?

  • underwater3773
  • 2 years ago

The surgeon said that Madonna's nose shoud be used as the mold when doing rhinoplasty on women. What do you think of Madonna's nose? The reason I ask is because I think Madonna's nose is somewhat unattractive and was surprised a surgeon would say such a thing.

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Hmmmm....I would wonder about a physician who is telling you that "so and so" has a "perfect" nose when he/she should be discussing what is best for YOU. If you end up not liking what you see the Dr. may end up saying "gee, it looks just like Madaona"! Problem're not Madonna. "Run Forest run" to another Dr.
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I'd say that's totally subjective and up to each individual person. Her nose may be perfect for her facial structure, but not for someone else's.

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