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  • Faith35
  • 1 year ago

The time has come to see a Plastic surgeon for a panniculectomy, muscle repair, and lipo. Could someone please refer me to a PS in Greenville SC?   Thank you in advance.

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Thanks so much! Half the battle is complete, now I just have to maintain this figure........Thank God for SKILLED Plastic Surgeons lol
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Amen New York2952!! Getting it is only the beginning, keeping it is another thing entirely. Finding a good PS makes all of there difference, so glad you did and are happy with your results. Welcome to the flat side!!!
New Yorker, could you please tell me the name of the black CG in your amazing picture?
Kim thank you so much.
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Kim thank you so much.
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Yes you are! Because of your information and wonderful review I selected Dr. McFadden. Your motivation is very lifting. Thank you so much!
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I'm just happy to be able to spread the information on how very much this amazing doctor affected my life. I can never begin to repay him for all of the wonderful changes brought about for me by performing these procedures. It changed my life for the better, it changed ME for the better. Looking out from behind this face hasn't always been an easy "row to hoe" in life, but this angel of a doctor ALWAYS treated me with respect, kindness and truthfulness. If I can help even ONE person find him and have the same great treatment and results I have from using him, then it's all good. I KNOW you will love your treatment and results. Do this for yourself, you deserve it, GOOD LUCK!!! and let us (me) know how it all turns out for you.

Here is a link to our Greenville Plastic Surgeons here on RealSelf.

This will help you get started and connect with other patients.

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Kimmmers25, thank you for the list. I'm looking to speak with patients of the PA listed to get their likes and dislikes. Thank you again.
Faith35 I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Thomas C. McFadden of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Greenville. He has performed several procedures for me and I could not be happier with my results!! He is very kind and easy to talk to, understanding and talented beyond belief!!! His office is beautiful and his staff is amazing! I've had lazer resurfacing on my face, a breast lift and a tummy tuck. There are a couple more procedures I want to have and I wouldn't ever CONSIDER seeing anyone else. He really is THE BEST!! Give him a call, I promise you won't regret it for a minute!!! Tell him I sent you!!
I made an appointment this morning. I hope my insurance will cover most of my surgery. I have huge breasts that's causing back and shoulder pain. I also have a large abdominal flap angling ore my mons pubis.
I don't know about your insurance,mine didn't cover it at al,l but I hear you on the back pain!! I also had a large abdominal flap, mine was due to a large weight loss, nearly 100 lbs last year and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't lose it! This Angel took it off and I can finally wear "regular" clothes!! It's so liberating to be able to buy clothes without worrying about whether the zipper will close over my belly!! You will be so glad when you get this done, I know I am. And as far as the pain some women talk about, I really had none to speak of. I attribute that to Dr. McFaddens' immense skill as a surgeon! Good Luck and God Speed to you.
I have BCBS, hopefully they will cover the needed surgery. I hope to pay the additional cost of the MR, BL, and lipo. If not I will pay just to get this flap off me. You are an angel!
No, I'm no angel, but I know a wonderful P/S who is!!! It might not be as expensive as you might think. I'm having my procedures done one at a time due to finances and the limited amount of time I can take off from work. But eventually I'll get everything done that I want. (of course by then I might have to start over again!!)

Good to hear that you have started your research:)