anyone planning to get a butt lift in the beginning of MAY in mexico.. i'm travelling from australia and dont want to be there

  • jessica7288
  • 2 years ago

anyone planning to get a butt lift in the beginning of MAY in mexico.. i'm travelling from australia and dont want to go alone.. and if you have any great recommendations of surgeons in mexico.. PLEASE PLEASE.. let me know.. thanks peeeps.. 

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if i get dr. campos then i will head to tijuana
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What part of Mexico are you going to?
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@glamdiva and truluvsucks I will not be able to go until the end of may/early june I am a school nurse and will not get off work until then so truluv make sure you keep me poseted with your experience and any advice so I know what im doing lol i've never done anything like this I have three kids that I will be leaving at home for a week wirh my hubby im wondering if im crazy lol
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no girl, youre not crazy lol its understandable. You have to do what makes you feel good. Im not a mother but i would deff encourage mine to do PS if she felt that is what would make her feel good. I actually convinced my mom to get lipo or a TT. But I might not be going until end of msy/esrly june either. I have some MAJOR budgeting to do to pay for this
@truluvsucks im really thinking about going to dr compos and will most likely be travling alone and was seeing if anyone would be going down in late may or june im really nervous about travling alone
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I was nervous too, but I'm planning to go with a chic from Louisiana, cud u go around may 10th? You cud go with us ;)
@truluvsuks im 5'5 and 165 (my weight fluctuates between 5 months), my final goal is to be 140-145.

@truluvsuks @newbootypls i would love travelling buddies!! Im most likely going by myself. I havent set a date cus ive been going bk and forth with drs and deff kno im going to campos. Im looking to go may/june
*5 months
damn typos!!! *5 pounds lol
You should go with us, and I've looked at a lot of before and after pics on here and I think ur goal mite be to small, but I guess just depends on how u carry it like baddbrown stated earlier
Really? Too small? I was thinkn 130 at first cus thts how much i used to weigh but tht was wayyy too skinny lol i was looking at "ideal" bodies and at first i thought meagan good and lola monroe. Theyre both my height but very skinny (in person). Then i looked at rosa acosta, shes 140-145 and 5'5 and looks nice. But i think you and baddbrown are right, my body shape is kinda weird lol i think ima gna try to tlk to the doc to see what he says. Have you already put your deposit dwn and everything? Im trying to find the best time to go cus i have to really budget this thing out lol
Yep deposit has been made :) woo hoo! It's a good idea to send Campos ur befores and wish pic and he will let u kno what he thinks. I totally understand I'm saving like crazy, I put back a certain amount every week. I do hair so If i don't work I don't get paid, so I have to save for surgery, plane ticket, stay, extras, plus I have to cover my salery and booth rent for two weeks lol shew I hope its worth it!!!
Hey newbootypls I'm going to campos may 21-29 u want to buddy up.
@trulvsucks when in may are you going if u dont mind me asking
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Don't mind at all, I'm having my consult on may 9th and surgery on the 10th ;D