I'm planning to get BBL with Dr Dubas from the instituto de cirugia cosmetica. Anyone ever heard of him?

  • janely
  • 2 years ago

I had a breast augmentation in April.  Now looking to get BBL and Lipo to abdomen and back.  I have been doing a lot of research when I came across this sight.  I would love any advise regarding physician, recovery time etc.

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I have two friends who had lipo with Dr Dubas but they were in great shape not much to lipo on both work out at the gym they did there's with local
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Yes I got my BA done there but with Dr Valls. I heard Dr Dubas is very good surgeon just don't know if he specializes in BBL ???
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when are u going to see yily?
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I don't know yet. I ask for June 5 then she said there were a few girls already booked I told her I wasn't comfortable so now I am thinking about August
Did u get a date yet
No I had to postpone my plans for a few months hopefully till the end of summer. Did you
I asked for a date around August 14 , still waiting for a response