has anyone gone or planing to go to mx? bbl

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Hi girls I am a 26 yr old mother of two with a sexy me hiden deep inside. I am the kind of woman who likes to feel confident and sexy, and right now that is not the case my body is ruined and not even when I lose weight is fixed, is just flabby even though I have curves I also have fat sittin on them and I am just plain sick of it, I want to feel and look sexy now that I am young and healthy, now that I can do it!!, and walk in fron of my partner naked without being embarrased of it, anyways, i made an appoimment with Dr Salama in FL but still undecided due to so many patients going back to him for second rounds, complications, or touch ups; none of those things are options for me I wan tthis to be a one time only procedure and that if I def have to do it again, it would be in like 5 or more years from now cuz I am not giving my $ away to someone I trust to do some shitty job on me and on top of that I feel that Doctors here in the U.S.A are over priced also. I got a quote from Dr Campos in Tijuana less than 4,000 for lipo and fat grafting, and because I am planning on having more than one procedure donne a TT, and a breast lift then I think going to Mexico looks like a fair decision, even though I am still unsecure of the risks, safety, and other expenses.

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Hi flatbooty,

We do have a number of ladies who have gone to Mexico for their procedure. If it's Dr. Campos-Leon that you're going to be going with, I would suggest you look through his reviews and speak to some of his other patients, via the reviews. This way you'll get the best support and advice from the ladies that already have some experience with this doctor. You can find the review for Dr. Campos-Leon, here.

I am going for BBL with Dr. Campos in December. I went to his office for a consult. Everything is modern. I think your risk of complications is probably similar to a US doc. But, I don;t think you can sue for malpractice in Mexico. And, I don't think you can get plastic surgery insurance such as CosmetAssure like girls can get to cover complications in the US. I think it is best to stick with Drs who have a solid reputation (as you would in the US). For me, I live close to Campos so if I get a seroma (fluid buildup) or minor complication such as that, he can take care of it. Follow up on complications (most seem to minor) can be an issue for anyone who travels away to another city for surgery because there isn't a clear local resource for help. If you want to stay in TJ, there are several recovery houses that are well known and reviewed by girls who have been there.