Pictures of bad fat transfer results?

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I'm a 27 year old woman who is seriously considering fat transfer for my gaunt cheeks but all the negative reviews on here are dissuading me.  Some of the positive reviews contained very nice before/after pictures, including high resolution close ups and videos showing a natural looking filled out face after the procedure.  On the other hand, none of the negative reviews include pictures.  I understand that those with negative results may not want to post their pictures on here, but I just thought it would be helpful to see how fat transfer can transform a face negatively.  I've read about lumps, unevenness, and being overfilled but I have no idea what that looks like.   The only before/after pictures I've seen of fat transfer are the positive ones, showing the results I dream of.  Can some of you please post pictures with your eyes and nose blurred out?

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Do not recommend Dr. Timothy Marten of San Francico. His approach is overly aggressiveand and he takes no responsibilty whatsoever and will go so far as to blame the patient for obvious deformities that result from his FL and Fat Transfer. It has taken years to recover from a FL and Fat Transfer that was overdone beyond recognition. Please research and find the reputable and conservative Drs if you are considering a FL or Fat Transfer.
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Reyne. .. so sorry, I've been swamped. I have a second and can reply more later, but more importantly . . .there are only a few doctors in the world you SHOULD go to. Obviously, I don't recommend it. Fillers are your best bet. However, the ones that I've heard about or have experience with regarding any success with this procedure are : Jonathan Hoenig in LA (I will never go anywhere else. . .he would never have even done procedure on me), Val Lambros in NB (really like him and would go to him again, if not Hoenig. . . Lambros is conservative like Hoenig). Tim Martin (SFransisco. . .No website. . he is word of mouth). . Dr. Carraway (VA, Not revision Dr. but I've heard he has done some good fat graft). . Dr. Michael Law (NC. . I believe does both revision and fat graft). Dr. Bucky (Philadelphia.. .was recommended to another patient I've had contact with) Dr. George Yang (NY - doesn't do fat graft, but has helped people with fillers who have had other bad treatments.)

Sorry for the grammar. . . Please keep me posted.
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I only found a few negative reviews with photos. You might have already seen them, but here they are again just in case:

So, yeah, not many. There are also a few bad "after" photos in Doctor Q&A. I found this one with the "uneven" tag, and here's the full list of "after" questions.

Hope this helps.

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