• 2 years ago

Just remember, you are so much younger and will (probably) heal a lot better than I. Although I’m in my late 60s, I feel great.  My stomach is very tight and ‘smooth.’ I went from a size (almost) 14 to a 10 and I’m still losing inches. My size 10 pants had to be altered. I do watch what I eat but the inches are coming off while I am still very firm and I am almost a size 8.  Dr. Schulman is THE Doctor.  As far as his before and after pictures, he publishes only if the patients want him to. Not everyone wants their ‘body parts’ to be shown, even though he hides the face.  What you see IS how people heal. Keep us posted, and good luck. Believe me Smooth Tuck is great. The recovery is very short but since I had 2 other things done, it took a little longer.  However, I was walking around, in NYC, in 3 weeks.  Without the other surgeries, I would have been up and around earlier. The picture might not be good but I am so happy and very proud of my ‘new’ body.