How to pick a doctor? breast lift+lipo

  • Cris in Texas
  • 2 years ago

Decisions, decisions .... I had my second consultation today.  I am planning on getting breast lift with implants and liposuction pretty much all over.  I have seen two doctors and their opinions couldn't be more different. Dr A: - wants to do it in at least two separate procedures because he says that way the results will be better. First breast lift/augmentation and some lipo, and then more lipo - his pictures look amazing, particularly the boobs, and he has really good reviews (but few) - he gave me a good impression, as someone really knowleadgeable, his office was beautiful and the staff was very professional - he said he will put about 325 cc for my breast, which seemed high to me.  I am currently a B looking for a C, nothing too extreme - he uses Vaser which is supposed to be better than traditional lipo Dr B: - supposedly is an expert in liposuction and said he can do the breast lift and the lipo in one surgery - I know friends of friends that have gone with him and are happy with the results - the pictures on his website for the breast are not that great, his lipo pictures are really good - he has good internet reviews except for a few bad ones - as part of the package he wants me to stay overnight, just in case - his office staff didnt seem as professional, and some of the chairs in his office needed re-upholstery, which is and odd detail to notice but kinda turned me off - he said he would put 200 cc for my breast, which seemed more reasonable to me, but maybe too low??? - uses traditional lipo   So I am struggling with the decision, my gut feeling is telling me to go with Dr A because his approach seems more conservative=less risky   I appreciate if anyone has any good comments to help me in my decision, I am new to realself

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I'm so glad you found us! Choosing your surgeon is an important decision indeed.

Maybe you could talk to Dr. A. about going with a smaller implant. It sounds like a happy medium, somewhere between 200 and 325 might be what you're looking for?

You should also consider starting your story in the breast lift review community. You can add updates (and even photos/video if you like).

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