Physicians Saying That Silicone Breast Implants Don't Cause Ilness Are Idiots or Have Something to Hide.

  • siliconesally
  • 2 years ago

siliconeimplants 11/90. encapsulation. breast pain, hard and sensitive. anxiety and depression. TMJ and tremors. endometriosis, hysterectomy. weight gain. chronic fatigue, muscle, joint and general pain.difficulty sleeping, I don't sleep or all I want to do is sleep. pleural effusion, Miniere's Synd, Tinnitis, Keratitis, Optical Migraines IBS. tingling, numbness pain. chronic nausea weeks at a time. dry eyes andmouth.abdomen will bloat. sensitive to light, sound smells. red spots sores, not acne

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I'm so sorry you're going through all this. Have you had your implants removed?