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Any physician mommies who have had a TT?

  • calimom2011
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 3 years ago

Good morning! I am an almost 40 yo woman who is thinking of having a TT, BR and flank/hip lipo in June. I have 2 young kids (6 and 3). My mother will be coming in to help for at least 2 weeks. I work part-time as a pediatrician and will only really be able to take 2.5 weeks off at the most. My plan is to do the surgery on a thurs or friday, take the following 2 weeks completely off and then the first 2 days of the following week. I return to work on a Wed (a full day) and then a half a day on Thursday and then I will be off again for the weekend (then to return to my normal schedule the following week). I will be on my feet a lot during work (walking back and forth to exam rooms) and need to examine children (though don't have to lift them). Anyone out there done this or have thoughts as to whether this is realistic? I unfortunately will never be able to take off 4 weeks consecutively...and I really want the surgery! Thanks!

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Yeah, I don't recommend going back to work anytime soon after the surgery. Take some time off and rest. The recovery is the most important part.

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You will be fine. I am 15 days post-op today, and moving around well, although I am very tired at the end of the day. With a very light schedule, you should be o.k. I still have one drain though, and am getting very creative in hiding it. Be patient with yourself though, and give your body plenty of time to recover after your first days back at work. Good luck to you! And congratulations on your journey to a flat tummy!!
Thanks Barbie! It is great to hear how well your recovery went and that you were able to go back to work quickly and successfully - makes me hopeful!
I'm not a physician but I run a medium sized company and my regular work days can be brutal.

I went back to work part-time on my day 12; drove to work on day 14 (two weeks post op); back full time on my day 19. I think you have it figured out!

Best wishes!
Thanks for your words of wisdom! I have scheduled my surgery for June 16th. Plan to go back to work on July 6th but told them to keep my schedule light that day just in case...hoping I am back to speed by then. Sounds like you both weathered stuff that would be hard under normal circumstances let alone after major abdominal surgery - the strength of women always amazes me!!
You can do this. 6 days post-op from sx, I had my drains taken out and then two hours later my peds doctor put our 1 yr old in the local hospital with RSV. She had the o2 tube in her nose and she only wanted to sleep, sit with me, or have me carry her. She slept alot, of course, and she laid with me in the bed. She wanted nothing to do with that crib. She tossed and turned and kicked my all night. Again, 6 days post op. Now, I am a therapist and sit listen to peoples problems most of the day, but I went back to work full time at two weeks.
I'm not a doctor just a mom of 6. I was up wiping bottom ends and before I was a week post op. The flu hit our house 3 days after my surgery. Thought I'd give hubby a break and help out. I will be 3 weeks post op on Monday and I feel good. I don't know how much more the muscle tightening changes things. As for the BR I felt nothing just can't lift things. Good luck on your decision and surgery if you choose to go through with it.