Our Photos Show up on Google Images

  • Susanne3692
  • Northern Arizona
  • 3 years ago

Is there any way to make Realself photos private to members only? I seen all my pics on google images and was shocked. I may have to remove them unless this can be corrected.

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Thanks for this information. After reading I replaced my profile picture!
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You could just make sure your pictures do not have any head shots and edit your screen name so that its pretty much impossible for anyone to know who they are looking at, if it makes you feel more comfortable:)
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Hi Susanne,

Thank you for your feedback re: keeping posted photos private. It must've been a surprise to see your breasts pop up in a Google search! Just a reminder that RealSelf IS a public forum and the photos may be visible in Google or other search engines. You should always assume that what you post on the internet is public.

Image searches are a great way to bring other users into the fold here at RealSelf, meaning more support and information for everyone.

We do very much appreciate feedback. If you'd like to offer yours, please head over to this thread and post a comment.

If you'd like to discuss this further, feel free to send me a personal message through RealSelf.


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