Photos of Actual Tissue Expanders, Please?

  • kaymidwife
  • 1 year ago

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Good Luck with everything
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I don't think you'd want to see mine. They hurt so bad when I woke up I thought soething was wrong. Doc did not order a shot. I ended up staying all night. That was the first time. I lost my implants to a major infection 11 ms after they were in. My skin started falling off then it went to the muscle. I just had my final and fifth surgery a month ago. No more. I can only make a certain amount of money to keep my insurance. I've been having surgeries for 2 years. I woke this morning with two wrinkles in my left side....My doc out of the country till end of month. You can imagine my scars after they were cut in 5 times. She left my expanders in 6 months this time....They were so big I slept on my back because it hurt to lay down....I pray this time works. She doesn't do nipples for 6 months.
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Hi There,

Take a minute to browse our Breast Reconstruction before and after photos for multiple photos of procedures including tissue expanders.

Hopefully this helps!

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