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Phoenix Juvederm doctor recommendations?

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  • 7 years ago

Can anyone recommend a doctor for Juvederm in Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona area?  Thanks!

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I went to Dr. Susan Van Dyke for dermafiller and botox. I wanted to look natural, but refreshed. She's a dermatologist who has specialized in costmetic procedures for 20 years and she did a great job. Over Thanksgiving I was sitting across from my sister and she said I looked "really pretty and that my face just looked right." She didn't know I had had the procedures done and she knows my face really well. Just went in for some fine tuning and love the results. Dr. Van Dyke took a very customized approach to what would work best for me, how natural I wanted to look, all the things you would hope for. No one looking at me would automatically think I'd had this done, but if someone hadn't seen me for a while, they will think I look well rested or that I've lost a few pounds. I've had a good experience (and I'm tough to please) and I recommend her. I have very fair, thin skin I bruise very easily. I had to wear concealer makeup in a coulpe of areas for up to 2 weeks, but I had a lot done at one time. After my f/u yesterday, I have a tiny amount of buising in one area and a little swelling on the bridge of my nose. I went out last night afer applying a little concealer and no one noticed. FYI-I'll be 55 in abut a week. I never felt pressured to do more than I wanted to or could afford. I'm now looking into the cost of some laser procedures to tighten skin and reduce brown and red discolorations. I'll decide after getting more details and price.
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Have you tired the new place at Kierland? It's been a few months since your last post, have you had anything done? I nearly had botox and filler a week before our Europe trip -- I am SO GLAD I found this website! I will wait until I get back, I dont' want to look like I've been beat up while on vacation! Anyone - where do you go in Scottsdale/Phoenix?
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