Philadelphia Lifestyle Lift

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  • 7 years ago

I'm considering a life style lift in Philadelphia.  Any word?

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I had Dr. {edited} 2 years ago., The lift worked pretty good but the scars are awful ! My ears are pulled down misplaced and long now. the lobes are attached. and there is a scar 1/4" below the lobe, like it stretched my ears down. I can NEVER wear my hair up. never even show my ears. No more cute short hair cuts. I'm stuck with long hair forever. ugh. My sutures came through twice and she ripped them out, it was so painful !! it was a year after the surgery. I will have the whole thing redone in a few years, I'm sure.
there are over 20 woman on the report that all had problems with surgery preformed in that office. I hardly doubt they are putting themselves through being on the news with their Lifestyle Lift problems to help an anchor woman make a name for herself. You probably work for the co. since you seem so defensive. Theresa66 - to you Im just saying - read, read read!!! I had done in that office and left feeling completely scammed and dupped, not too mention in more pain then they will ever tell you there is. I too had the stitches come through skin, you'll see actual video of this on NBC10 website, I had to have mine removed and Im not on that investigative report, only because Im not as brave as then many woman on there but report is not uncommon. There are lawsuits all over this company for their false advertising and bullshit lines they give you in the consult, worst experience of life and I really use to think plastic surgery was a blessing, and it still is you just have to be wary of operations like the Lifestyle Lift chain, you'll get better service at a drive thru. Good Luck
Ask either one of them why Dr. {edited} is no longer performing the Lifestyle Lift. Yu may always want to look into "NBC10" under investigates Lifestyle Lift, you'll see woman who had surgery in Philly office. My advice is to never return to that office and go to board certified plastic surgeopn who has enough of a conscience to not participate in the franchise "Lifestyle Lift", its a bogus sales scheme and you really need to read around or better yet, ask them to show you consent form prior to booking your surgery, its the only place you'll find out some of the problems with it. The person you had consult with is getting a nice commission for every surgery booked.
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