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Permanent makeup problem around eyes

  • Linda LaLonde
  • Pueblo, Co.
  • 5 years ago

I had permanent makeup applied on my eyes a couple of years ago.  I went back three times to have it darkened and have bare areas filled in. I was never happy with it. In the past couple of months I had it done again, three times and it is still not taking. What could the problem be? I feel like I have wasted my money and endured a lot.

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I heard that there is a Limbal Ring implant that can permanently enhance your eye color, make your eyes look bigger and also make you look younger. If any body has heard of the company Ophthoglow who does this, please let me know. I really think that having a thicker limbal ring makes your eyes look so much bettter.
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I have to agree with the other artist's answers.  Sometimes it is your skin but most of the time it is the application process.  Overworking the skin causes swelling which reduces the color uptake.  Using water during the procedure has been shown to cause swelling.  Aftercare is VITAL!  Cold compresses the first 24 hours and taking an anti-inflamatory medication pre and post-op can help.  Using your ointment for 7days to keep the area moist.  If all of this was done and you still do not have adequate coverage it may be your skin.  Always check your artist's credentials AND experience, and insist on seeing THEIR portfolio. I hope this helps.
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Were you given aftercare instructions? Perfect cosmetic tattoo is like the perfect storm; many things much come together in exact alignment for a pleasing result. 1. Handling the eye area can be intimidating for the inexperienced. Correct tautness must be ensured in order for the needles to place the pigment micro droplets in the correct layer of skin: the reticular dermis. IF perfect tautness is not acheived, the skin will bounce under the movement of needles and pigment will be improperly placed. 2. The eyelashes often give the inexperienced technician a false sense of color uptake. Color adheres to the base of the lashes causing the area to look well saturated when in fact the color is lying on the surface and will be removed during the healing process. 3. If the tender skin of the eye area is overworked, swelling will ensue thereby causing a layer of fluid between the target layer and surface. This makes proper color placement impossible. Inexperienced technicians often overwork the eye area to the point there is no color uptake. The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals is a non profit, member supported organization with the most thorough credentialing examination. Look at their website for a technician in your area with CPCP credentials. With a pattern of failed attempts, I would suggest you look to a professional who has much experience. Certificates on walls are meaningless. Many training classes consist of only 3-5 days. Technicians who are trained by 'fast track' education usually never even see the results of their work as they are gone by the time the model has healed.  Poor training standards are the scourge of the permanent cosmetics industryl      
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I had this done the first time .My doctor did give me antibiotics .I had swelling.I had fadding which I was told would be normal due to the next time .She would have to fill the ink in .Plus wait for the scabbing and healing to finish. I ended waiting a month and a half .I just went in this past week . I told her to do it Darker than before . As well as the white line above whiter. I am appling vaseline for onitment .Her and her friends are perfect ! I will see but when I do use the cold compress .There is ink all over the compress. Seems already the affect would be better without the ointment? Yes I did take a pill. I had the top and bottom done . Think I had to wait way to long as this will be the long term affect ? Please help me understand so I know what to do ? I just want this done right ? Thanks
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The pigment must reach first layers of dermis in order to stay in the skin. The technician who worked on you is just not experienced and going back to her will not give you the result you are looking for.
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