Will permanent makeup lip color fade after scabbing?

  • lhcsassy
  • lake havasu
  • 5 years ago

I just had my lips done 2 days ago. Will the tattooing fade after it scabs, cause it is real dark right now...

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I had permenant lip make up done on MOnday I took antiviral medication for 2 nights prior.. after 4 days i broke out in cold sores I t is painful and unsighly.
Even my doctor didn t tell me to take my acyclovir 400 mg, I resumed taking it after 3 days after my procedure. I used abrevia cold sore med for half a day but then I read that I should not use any cole sore medication on the internet ? I am confused! Help..
Lips are a muscle and when you tattoo a muscle it responds differently than skin. The lips always appear much darker when first done then after exfoliating appear too light and then after 4-6 weeks the color will start to show. Usually for a full lip color you will need 2-3 sessions to achieve your desired results. Wearing a protective gloss after healing makes the color come through even more. Hang in there, it's worth it!
The color will fade a lot as the skin peels. I am hopeful that you are not actually experiencing 'scabs'because 'scabbing' shouldn't occur - that's usually the sign of overworking the skin. Rather, I'm hopeful that your skin is simply exfoliating as it should. The color will appear very faint once the sking sheds and your touch up visit should take place in about 4-5 weeks. The process will then repeat itself.