Permanent Lip Color - Color suggestions?

  • rachelb99
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • 3 years ago

I have an appointment next week for a consultation for permanent lip color.  I've looked and looked online for pictures so that I could show the technician what I'm looking for, but I mostly seem to find pictures of women with ghastly looking lipcolor that looks too dark and "elderly" for me! My goal is to achieve a natural looking color.  I have medium blonde hair, with slightly yellow undertones in my skin (not pale, not dark).  With the yellow undertones, wearing pinks do not really look good on me.  I look best in brownish or peachy toned lipcolors.  As far as natural shades, one of my favorites is "Toffee" in Loreal's long wearing "Infallable" lipgloss line. Does anyone have any suggestions on specific colors that I should look at given my coloring?  Or any websites that would be helpful?  Thanks!!

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please don't ask for toffee this color ink is to dark, go for peachy color, and a natural look no one shall notice that a permanent make up as been done, it's only to enhance your lip not scream my lip are done.. good luck
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