RE: Permanent eyeliner tattoo regret; what to do?

  • hellogoodbyekitty
  • LA, CA
  • 5 years ago

Hi, I recently went in for a permanent eyeliner tattoo consultation, but somehow got sucked in to it right then, right there. The lines don't seem 100% perfect, but the scabs have not fallen off yet. The line is a thin line on my upper lash line, and some of the scab already peeled off... i can see that the line below is not solid. Any advice on what to do with it now? Peel the scab off and hope it fades faster?? Get a touch up elsewhere to "correct" the line? I am really worried and wish i did not get this at all... esp from a money hungry lady. But i am trying to make the best of the situation. Also, do oily lids tend to fade the tattoo line faster? Thanks for any responses!

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I just had my eyeliner done. It looks like I applied my makeup too much. However, this is normal there is a complete process that should have been discussed with you. The first few days the eyes are swollen with a heavier make-up look. Not until almost a week will you see the ultimate results. I would not rub or pick off anything...the pigment will naturally be removed similar to any tattoo. Good luck!
Ladies, I'm sorry for your unsatisfying results. I hope you're able to get touch ups that make you happier. Keep us posted!
I had permanent eyeliner applied today and I am absolutely devastated - is there anything I can do? It looks horrible, I haven't stopped crying all day.. I called her, she said 'rub it and pick off the scabs when they show' - but will that work??????
Your expectation for 100% perfection is unreasonable. All permanent makeup requires a second appointment to fine tune the original work.   Sometimes a consevative look will heal light and will be perfected at your touch-up appointment.  Be sure that the technicial understands the permanent look you are asking for. If your gut is telling you not to return to the same technician, seek a qualified professional in your area by going to  Members are held to the highest technical and safety standards and must adhere to the strict Code of Ethics. (It is unfortunate you proceeded with the permanent eyeliner before you were 100% sure that you were ready.)      
Oh my...I had horrible work done at Beau Institute in NJ, the owner sits on the board for that designation. Sadly, NJ only requires 40 hours and 5 days of one is able to, or should be able to perform permanent makeup with such inferior training. They should be ashamed tp claim to know's all about the money for that school, horrible phonie's! The trainer that oversaw my procedure was hungover and talked about how she had been out drinking for her birthday the night before!
In my opinion the Beau Institute and its owner is a reputable company and also leader in the industry of Permanent Cosmetics.
Not knowing the circumstances of dissatisfaction,
I would recommend you ask to have your concern addressed in person by the owner as soon as possible.