Permanent eyeliner - advised not to moisturise

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Hi   I had permanent eyeliner done last week. The lady who did is very reputable and experienced and has all the accreditations and uses medical grade equipment.... the only thing I'm worried about is the fact that she advised only to apply A&D ointment and not the eyes as the eyes are self cleaning.   It is now 4 days later and the eyeliner has dried thick and completely rigid so it looks like i'm wearing liquid eyeliner still.... but it looks like liquid liner that has been on for a week as it's all crusty. It's also lifting from the corner in one long strip and not breaking off in bits as it seems to have dried/set as one solid piece / scab.   Can somebody please advise???   Thanks.

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Thanks myladylana... I honestly don't know what to do now. I'm meant to be going back next week for my second treatment. She did provide an antibiotic ointment (A&D) but was instructed only to use it on the eyebrows as the eyes were self-cleaning and the ointment/water/moisturising can dilute the pigment. I have been left with virtually no pigment on my eyes but days not to worry about this as the second treatment is the more important one and will stick better. Also I have been booked in in the morning instead of the afternoon and she said she will book no clients either side of me do she can work on me slower and take her time, not causing as much trauma. She's very convincing. I even contacted the training group I got her contact details from (Finishing Touches group) and they also say they advise not to moisturise the eye.

I paid £550 for both my eyes and eyebrows. And I wanted a thicker line on my eyes with a smokey effect which is why she also said causes more trauma because it's a bigger area.

I don't know what to do. She claims to have all the accreditations and us qualified for medical tattooing and a member of the British Scool of Dermagraphic Art. I also saw before and after pics of previous clients which looked fine.

I feel like I need to somehow get my money back and go elsewhere but I don't know how to confront her or where to start.

I was convinced all this was normal until I received your reply do am concerned again now.
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Thanks for the info, however, everything mentioned doesn't seem to be applying to me.

It is even worse today, not sure if i can post a photo. but it is now day 6 and the thick, rigid, solid scab is still on my eye and still looks like gloss liquid liner. I'm worried that i was told not to moisturise the area which means it has dried out. And everyone and everywhere else seems to be saying how important it is to moisturise.

It is lifting from my eye on each corner so is winging out from my eye by about half a centimetre each side and it looks horrendous, it also looks really red underneath - i was told i could go back to work on the Monday and it is now Weds and looking worse than ever.

And when i say the scab is rigid, i mean it's absolutely solid and about 3mm thick. I tried pinching at the corner bit of the scab that had winged off from my eye just so it wouldn't make it so obvious, and i was worried about catching it and ripping off the whole scab, and not even my nails could penetrate the end of it.

My swelling also lasted 4 days and still have a bit of bruising under my eye.

She did say that when she did my eyes they were really stubborn and were not retaining the pigment so she had to go at them harder and longer and use extra anaesthetic. It wasn't until about 2 hours she said that she could see the pigment taking.

I also had my eyebrows done, and she said i could moisturise those and they've been fine and flaking off nicely.
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I would encourage you to read through some of the reviews and reach out to the community members. I haven't personally had this done, but you are in a community full of people who have, so don't be shy to post questions on reviews to get some info.

Also, you can start your own review and you will be able to post photos to that. That way other community members can share their thoughts with you.

Hope things are looking better today!!

She did say that when she did my eyes they were really stubborn and were not retaining the pigment so she had to go at them harder and longer and use extra anesthetic. It wasn't until about 2 hours she said that she could see the pigment taking.

This comment is prob the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. "STUBBORN" eyes. come on she apparently does NOT know what she is doing sweetie. I had my eyes done in scholl IT TOOK 20 SECONDS PER EYE... that is not a typo that is correct 20 seconds per eye. a grand total time of 1 minute and a half. i do eyeliner in 11 minutes and it last a life time...2 hours and the pigment is not taking. she prob had a barb in the needle or was using a # 1 size needle. If you over work an area it will only swell and not take SHE SHOULD KNOW THIS.. also you should have been givin some antibiotic ointment, VERY VERY VERY important. so you would not get an infection, I would never go back to this person

Here is a Q&A that might be helpful to you:

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4 to 5 days is all