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getting your period before surgery..

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  • New Jersey
  • 3 years ago

Has this ever happened to anyone? Why I am just realizing now that my period is due just days before my TT is beyond me.... Will this affect anything? Surely out of the many ladies on this site SOMEONE will have had experience with this...... right?!?

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Mine started the day before surgery, which meant the day of surgery was my heaviest day. It's no big deal and they see it all the time. Nurse gave me a pad to kind of scrunch between my legs on the way to the operating room. They did not want me using a tampon. Once I got to the table they prepped me and laid me down, and I don't remember another thing...obviously. After I woke up in recovery, the nurse stuck a pad in my sweat pants (I went home commando) and all was fine!! Good luck!
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