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Has anyone gone to Perfect Clinic in Prague?

  • Amanda Kaiserslautern
  • Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • 2 years ago

I'm a military wife stationed in Germany, and I'm considering going to the Czech Republic to have a TT done.  I've been in contact with the clinic and the representative has been very informative and nice.  I'd really like to hear from anyone who might have gone to Czech for their procedure.  How was your experience? Are you happy with the results?  Thanks for sharing...

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Perfect Clinic is located in a very nice area of Prague, its a nice, clean and very private facility. The interior design of the clinic looks scientific and the modern technology makes you feel that you are in a safe environment....Thats where the charm ends. I have had two botched rhinoplasty operations with Roman Kufa and he has created a very expensive and complicated problem for me to fix. I felt like a number rather than a human at this clinic, its like a conveyor belt of mass produced surgical results. I brought my dog to the vet last year and he was treated with so much care, more than I ever was at this clinic. I'm not sure how many operations are performed at Perfect Clinic weekly, but both times I've been at the clinic quite a lot of people are getting rushed in and out of the operating rooms, so I can only assume there is an emphasis on quantity of clients rather than quality of surgery. Much of the content on the Perfect Clinic website is false advertising, so if you are considering a procedure at Perfect Clinic Prague take these points into account: -Dont expect a proper consultation. This will probably last about 5 minutes and will be very vague. No need to waste time telling Dr.Kufa what you want him to do because hes probably not listening. Do not expect Roman Kufa to discuss with you the operation, where incisions will be made, before & after photos of previous patients, postoperative care, possible risks, or anything really. I was so misinformed that both times I was told by Dr.Kufa my rhinoplasty would be an 'open' procedure but I found out myself, in the mirror, that they were in fact 'closed'. -If you are unhappy with the results don't expect any form of empathy, this means you are a problematic client. If you let him, Dr.Kufa will damage it more for you, free of charge. -Expect no postoperative follow-up what so ever, no email or phone call asking you how everything is (You will get a printed piece of paper instead). This isn't so bad for rhinoplasty, but theres other surgeries which I think a follow up is probably quite important. Me being compelled to write this review is evidence that Perfect Clinic is clearly not meeting the needs of their patients. Perfect Clinic falls short of some of the most basic standards, such as an informative consultation and post operative follow up, which I assume have been sacrificed to make the business more profitable. Even if I was happy with my results, I would still be writing this review because of these fundamental elements missing, it significantly increases the risk of failure. So please dont be fooled by the fancy interior design and dont believe what they say on their professional looking website. Dont be lured by their competitive prices because its just NOT WORTH IT. If you are looking for a clinic, keep looking, because there's lots of trustworthy clinics out there with surgeons who want to help you.
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