How do other people react?

  • AusKat
  • Perth, WA
  • 3 years ago

I have been wanting to get a rhinoplasty for years. I am now 28 and can finally afford to do so. I have a large nose with a dorsal hump and long nostrils. Its not terrible, but I have felt self-conscious about it since the age of about 13 and am careful of how photos are taken, etc etc. I feel held back because I am concerned how others might respond to it- will they think I'm vain, or superficial or insecure or selfish to spend so much money on my looks. My mother and partner are certainly not happy with the idea, and I worry about how work collagues and friends will respond to it too. What sort of reactions from others have people experienced after having a rhinoplasty?

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Actually, hardly anyone could tell I'd had something done. To us, our nose is a huge deal (right in the middle of our faces, after all), but to others, it's barely something they glance at. Unless you're one of the few, like Jennifer Grey, whose rhinoplasty transforms your whole face, you'll most likely get LESS reaction than you want. :)