Are people usually happy with their plastic surgery results?

  • ljedon
  • 3 months ago

I'm not sure if people are ever happy with it or not. What do you experience?

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My daughter is a teenager and got her nose done (rhinoplasty ) from a cosmetic surgeon in Toronto, Dr. Ronald Levine. She is happy with the result and feels proud about it now. I'm a little ashamed of my attitude since I was against my daughter going for a nose job. It was a strict no-no from her dad as well. Owing to her repeated pleadings , we had to agree to it even with doubtful minds. But it turned out well . It wasn't too expensive and she was completely healed within two months.
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I am very sorry that I had plastic surgery performed. I had upper eyelid surgery on one eye and now it is considerable different from the other eye - I look lopsided. And I am having trouble finding a surgeon to correct the work. The surgeon took too much off and there is no way to fix it property. I would suggest making sure you find the right surgeon (and this is difficult to do). Or your best option is to accept yourself as you are.
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That's a good question! After reading hundreds of reviews, it's clear that many factors are involved. Some women have problem areas they want taken care of, some have a very poor body image in general, and some just want a nip or a tuck here and there to look their best. A person who is informed about the procedure they are going to have and all the risks involved will have a better foundation to accept their personal results. Having realistic expectations, choosing a doctor carefully, and investigating the emotional and physical reasons for wanting a procedure are all very important. I have to say I am very pleased with my breast augmentation results. I started out with 34D saggy breasts after having children and losing a lot of weight. I opted to stay away from a breast lift, but I knew my results would not look the same as a woman who began surgery with like an A or B cup who didn't need a lift. It's vital that you know plastic surgery will not turn you into a different person, physically or psychologically. These procedures are meant to enhance or repair what you already have. If you go into this with an open mind, are educated about the procedure(s), and have realistic expectations, your chances of being satisfied with your results are good. Being aware of all risks and complications that may occur is super important as well. You can't ignore the women on here who have had poor results and think "that won't happen to me," because there is a plethora of complications that could occur. But with the right surgeon, good follow-up care, being in good health, and having realistic goals, the chances of having complications are rare. Having plastic surgery is a major decision, so you should maintain a positive attitude while being aware of potential consequences. I hope this helps answer your question. :)
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