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how many people have had a full tt vs a mini tt

  • dsc1
  • 3 years ago

do u have a new bb cut from outside of tummy or your old one and work was done underneath?  do u know if your doctor floated the bb underneath?  was anyone bothered by that.  It has been a big concern of mine the "cutting the cord".  also did anyone get muscle bulges at lower part of abdomen that sort of stick out and top is narrow and flat.  thanks

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ok mine was cut underneath as i had a mini and the reattached but in same place - look sbig to me though! that cutting the cord thing is freaky too
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I have heard that very few people are good for a mini tt. I was so concerned about the appearance of my after belly button that my PS & I spent 20 minutes talking about it at my consultation! In a full TT you keep your belly button, they just pull the skin down & cut a hole in the skin over it & then stitch it together. They don't cut your real belly button at all in a full tt. I told him mine had to be tiny & cute & I even brought in pictures of ones that I thought were horrible & ones that I loved. I am happy to say that he did an awesome job. Talk to your PS about it!

I also heard an umbilical float is not a good idea because the belly button ends up too low. You also may still end up with saggy skin. I think for most people the full tt is the best idea.
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Oh, I did not mean they don't cut your real belly button at all (in a full tt), they obviously have to in some way, but it is still your same belly button in the same spot, just with skin pulled over it.
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Here is a link to our Mini Tummy Tuck Community.  It may be helpful...

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