Who Pays if my Implant is Not Behind the Muscle Like I Paid for It to Be?

  • MissTT
  • San Antonio, TX
  • 3 years ago

I got 300cc submusclular implants 6mths ago and developed MRSA in my right brest within a few weeks. My right implant was then removed and my left one was deflated(they are adjustable) Three months later I paid another $1,200 to get it put back in and the left one to be reinflated. The new problem is that my left one is completely infront of the muscle now while my right is completely behind the muscle. Now my surgeon wants me to pay another $1,200 to fix it. Should I pay again?

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It sounds like your surgeon is not charging a fee for his services, but just for the anesthesiologist and facility. Which doesn't make the $ any easier on you. I think the question you need to ask yourself is, do you trust your surgeon enough to have him or her perform this revision for you.