Paying the Insurance deductible

  • tntsweetie
  • Minnapolis, MN
  • 2 years ago

So I started my process a couple months ago with a consultation as I always wanted to have a breast reduction. When I walked in the office I didn't even have it in my mind to try to have insurance pay for the surgery but the doctor wanted to submit it just in case. I am measured as a 36DDD, 5'5, and under 200 pounds (solid). After the consultation I was sent home with no real price on out of pocket fees because I was sure that my insurance would not cover it. I mean I had just started seeing a chiro and no documentation of back pain with my doc (i always go to my ob/gyn). Weeks later I received an approval letter and the surgery was set fo the 12th of Jun. My have time flown because im weeks away from my surgery and still don't know when the deductible is going to be collected. I was given numbers to the surgery center but haven't been able to reach anyone. Can anyone help. Also i'm so scared that im stressing myself out. I don't want to become depressed if I end up too small. My PS told me that at least 630 grams have to be removed (under a 1 1/2) seems like a lot to me. My back pain is severe due to an undeveloped bone in my lower back and with my genes i'm just going to get bigger (24 years old). My boyfriend can I only be so supportive and I don't really want every one to know i'm having this surgery. Any advice?