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How much are you paying for your invisalign retainers

  • Rethinkingthewholedeal
  • 2 years ago

When we started the Invisalign treatment we got what we thought was a great price, much less than the prices many of you quoted.  However, now we are done and the retainers seem to wear out and need replaced every 6 mos or so and the dentist wants $400 per set.   So, 1 year (less actually) of Invisalign treatment = $2000 and 50 years of Invisalign retainers =$40,000.   When we started the treatment, the dentist never said anything about ongoing expenses of $400 to $800 per year.  That's outrageous.   Are we missing something?  

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Yes, that does seem like a big expense. Have you considered asking for traditional (wire and acrylic) retainers? If you are only wearing them only at night, having the wire on probably isn't much of a concern, and they can last for years with proper care.

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