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Can I pay for a TT with my care credit card at Lenox Hill Hospital/Jacobi Hospital?

  • JayP81
  • Westchester
  • 2 years ago

I scheduled a consultation with Jacobi Hospital for July 31. Reading other reviews, Lenox Hill Hospital seemed like a better fit because they are offering after care with the same price as Jacobi. I don't want my procedure done until October. I plan on going in for my birthday which is the 12th. I am also going to Jamaica on November 28. I hope I'm fit to travel by then. Reading alll the reviews it seems viable. I am a 30yr old single parent with one 6 yr old daughter. I think its time for me to get my bedroom body on lol. Any comments, suggestions  or feedback is appreciated.

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Hi Jay Did you make your final decision?
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Hi JayP81, how was your consultation at Jacobi Hospital?
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I would call the hospital and doctor directly and make sure that they accept this type of payment.  Better to be prepared before surgery.


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thank you
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