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How much should I pay for a face lift?

  • Blazedhus
  • USA
  • 2 years ago

Hi,everybody I want to get a face lift from  miami face lift.  I am 38 and I have started to receive fine lines on my face as well as I am in the middle of giving up smoking and I don’t think that it is a major face lift like a 60 year old but I still want one done as I don’t want any lines on my face at all.

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a facelift is mainly for volume loss and saggy skin. Fine lines can be treated with a peel, laser or and retin A. The best thing you can do for your skin is quit smoking. You'd be surprised how proper skin care and get rid of fine lines. Exfoliate frequently, vitamen C serum, retin A, moisturize, sunscreen and no sleeping in makeup. Do 2 months of that and then see if you still want a facelift. Also fillers will help but unless you have really bad genes I can't imagine you needing one!