How do i pay for this?

  • Adelheid Seattle
  • Seattle, Washington
  • 2 years ago

I am 21 years old, a ballerina, 98lbs, very fit and healthy, but with large c+ size breasts.I have applied for care credit, chase advance, and talked to a few surgeons. but have been denied help.My fiance and i make good money and can pay for this easily with a few payment plans/financing, that's all! but since we are young and without credit no one will accept us! I do not have insurance,and most insurance companies want more money from me than i want to pay just for a reduction or for the most part they will not cover my procedure at all since i am not unhealthy enough or it will take years to accomplish.I don't have years. I am very emotionally and physically hurting from my breasts daily,as well i feel my career slipping away from me since i cant workout some days or partake in ballet practices due to pain/discomfort. How do i pay for this?who will help me? and who will trust i can pay them? kind regards Adele

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Hello, i am sorry to hear of your problems and bein from england and strugglin with NHS who also have hoops to jump through I though I would reply as I can imagine how difficult things feel. I know i had to give up sports because I simply could not do it once i hit puberty and got 34gg and i hate that it happened because i was good, ok i bet i couldnt have made a career out of it but you know.

Have you asked anyone in your family who might have better credit and then you can simply pay them the money and they can pay the surgeons? dont know if that would work like but it might be an idea if you hadnt already thought of it.

I really hope you can figure soemthing out. Good luck to you :)
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