How do i pay for this?

  • Adelheid Seattle
  • Seattle, Washington
  • 2 years ago

I am 21 years old, a ballerina, 98lbs, very fit and healthy, but with large c+ size breasts.I have applied for care credit, chase advance, and talked to a few surgeons. but have been denied help.My fiance and i make good money and can pay for this easily with a few payment plans/financing, that's all! but since we are young and without credit no one will accept us! I do not have insurance,and most insurance companies want more money from me than i want to pay just for a reduction or for the most part they will not cover my procedure at all since i am not unhealthy enough or it will take years to accomplish.I don't have years. I am very emotionally and physically hurting from my breasts daily,as well i feel my career slipping away from me since i cant workout some days or partake in ballet practices due to pain/discomfort. How do i pay for this?who will help me? and who will trust i can pay them? kind regards Adele