How Much Should Patients Rely on On-line Doctor Ratings in Choosing a Plastic Surgoen--esp for Facelifts?

  • needafaceliftnow45
  • 2 years ago

On sites like realself, healthgrades, vitals, ucompare, etc, most plastic surgeons have at least a couple people who aren't happy with results. Some have all satisfied patients but only 2 or 3 ratings. One wonders could some of the ratings be fake? Unfortunately I don't know anyone in my area whose had a facelift to get a personal recommendation, so I'm relying on Internet research and consults.

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Good question. I think ratings are important but the reviews themselves are even better. Most doctors will have mostly happy patients, or else they wouldn't be in business. Within those reviews, you can look for things that are good (or bad) for you personally. For example, does the doctor give his/her cell phone number to patients? Is the office responsive to questions? How does the staff treat people? etc...

As a whole, this type of info gives you a more complete picture of what the process will be like with a specific doctor.

Also, even if you don't know someone personally, I'd recommend reaching out to others who have had surgery with a doctor (via private message, comments, etc). Former patients are usually happy to help answer questions you have. :)


It's a crapshoot like everything else related to facelift. I've seen doctors with many ratings and 100% satisfaction --pretty suspect, in my opinion.