Can I have part of a Buccal Fat Pad Removed?

  • Trudijane
  • San Francisco, CA
  • 6 months ago

This would not be for cosmetic surgery. After part of my fat pad unexpectedly emerged from under my rear gum (where an implant was), my periodontist did not know what it was or what to do with it.  He pushed it back beneath the gum in order to resuture the area.  This this procedure (one of many) I now feel a clump of tissue in that area that is causing me a great deal of discomfort.  It feel like my upper gum is stuffed with something which impinges on the other side.An oral surgeon thinks it's the fat pad and he said he could cut it, but then he'd have to push the rest of it down where it belongs - since he doesn't want to remove the entire fat pad.  He's unsure as to whether this will bring me relief or will work.  Has anybody ever had excess tissue within their gum lodge there after multiple procedures.  If so, did anybody get it removed with success - or failure?I wish I could get used it.  I've given it  3 months or so, but it's still so bothersome and distracting.  What are some alternatives, if any?