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I am a 25 year old mommy of 3 (5, 4, and 6months - ALL BOYS!) and I am beginning to plan my new me!! I am super exicited but I know I will have to save for a little while. I had to have an emergency c-section with my last baby and I remember waking up and having the most excruciating pain ever! After the first couple days it wasn't quite so bad so now i'm just wondering if the pain is compairable...I'm sure I can handle it. I am aiming for July. By then, the baby wont be too far from walking and I will be up and driving before school starts back! I'm so exicited but nervous all in one. I just cant wait to be able to get in the bath without being paraoid of what my husband is thinking. If anyone has experienced a c-section please let me know your input...

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I did well during my 2 c-sections. I had my BL and BA with my FTT and to be honest, I felt my boobs more than anything. The difference with the belly is where you feel the 'burning' or bruising. I felt it mostly in the incision for my C-section but for the TT i feel it in the muscles, but not bad at all.

Yes, BA is like your boobs being full of milk and needing to be let down, but also like you have done a ton of chest flies with heavy weights, so picture both feelings at the same time. The abs will feel like you have done a ton of ab work. I hope this helps.
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Hi I'm in Singapore & I'm a 39 year old mum of 4 daughters including 18 month twins! Last Fri 1st April I had a tummy tuck (I had a 7cm gap in abs - they held a ruler against it) & breast augmentation with 305cc fuzzy implants over the muscle. I had 4 nights in hospital . My 1st daughter was born 6 years ago in an agonizing vaginal birth that gave me 3rd degree internal tearing - I literally couldn't sit for 3 weeks & got staph from the hospital. I had 2 c-sections for my further births. The pain from tummy tuck is comparable to c-sections (for me). Excruciating the first time you get up, then the next time is easier then easier until a week later you get some pain but not so bad. The breast aug pain is comparable to your milk coming in & feeling like your breasts are on fire. But gets better daily. Taking meds is really important as is being fit & healthy before op. I also didn't have lipo which from talking to people who have seems to add to the pain. (point of story I found c-sections easier to recover from than my traumatic vaginal birth so this wasn't so bad :-)
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Thank you! I have 16 more pounds to go before i go for my consulation. Just a goal i set for myself at the first of the year. Im down 31 so far and i already have more energy and self esteem! I know ill be estatic once mygoal is reached! Thank you for the advice! I can use all the words of encouragement i can get!
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I think it's different for everyone. I've heard women say the pain is more intense, and I've heard others say it's not as bad. Either way, at least you're somewhat prepared for what abdominal surgery is like.

I'm excited for you! Please keep us posted on your journey. I'm encouraging women to start their stories over in our review community even before surgery. The more details you provide, the more support you'll usually get. Good luck!

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