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Pain during local anethesia

  • Tampa709
  • Tampa
  • 3 years ago

Having tumescent lipo next week under local anethesia. I am so afraid of the pain! How bad is it? I am going to take a tylenol before and an anti anxiety. I have little body fat just a small layer around belly buttom and on my sides. Any tips on what to expect? Anyone have to stop due to pain?

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It will likely depend on the type of lipo you're doing. If you're doing simple Smart Lipo, then it should be a breeze. I had that 3 years ago and really had very minimal discomfort both during the procedure, as well as afterwards.

If, however, you're having Vaser Hi Def/SmartlipoTriplex, this is going to hurt considerably more. I had that done 2 weeks ago, and I'm telling you - INCREDIBLE pain. Both during the procedure and for at least 10 days afterwards. But again, pain is subsejective. Just know that there is a big difference between plain SmartLipo and Hi Def.
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I have had it done 2 times in local. The first time they did not have the correct base to mix with the lidocaine when the initial incision areas are numbed. It burned like fire...very very painful. Once it was all numbed, the rest did not hurt. The second time, the base was correct and nothing hurt at all. If I said that I could feel something, they would just inject a bit more of the fluid and wait a few problem. I preferred it with local as I could kneel and stand to see how the fat was distributed. Just had it done with sedation and I see little results, I would not wonder as when I lay down it is hard to see my fat at all.
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The pain is a really subjective thing. Some people say they felt nothing, while others have said they had a lot of pain. Definitely communicate with your surgeon and speak up if you're in pain. S/he should do all s/he can to make you comfortable.

Good luck with your surgery!

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