Pain comparable to Oopherectomy?

  • Pasadena3814
  • Houston, TX
  • 3 years ago

I have had so many abdominal surgeries that I have nicknamed my stomach "Frankenbelly" due to all the scars and disfigurements.  My C-Section was hip to hip since my son was 11#, I thought I was going to die from the pain!  When I had my myectomy I was in pain from the cramps since the doctor lasered out my tumors and then electroshocked my uterus to get it to contract and go back to normal size (my uterus was the size of a 6 month pregnancy due to fibroid tumors), the pain from the incisions were nothing but the cramping and bleeding (more than a heavy period) that went on for 4-5 weeks were debilitating.  My partial hysterectomy was a walk in the park compared to the other 2; I asked them to disconnect my IV and pain pump the following morning so that I could shower and change into clothes.  I also fought with my doctor since I didn't want to stay in the hospital a second night and went back to work as soon as the staples were removed a week later and I was given clearance to drive.  Last summer I had an emergency unilateral oopherectomy to remove my left ovary, fallapian tube and a large benign tumor that had attached itself to both.  I was in so much pain it was unbelievable, I attributed this to the fact that I had a vertical incision going from belly button to pubis and later developed a large hernia that I am scheduling to have repaired with TT...needless to say I have major work to be accomplished by myself and PS.  Has anyone else had an oopherectomy and would you compare the pain from FTT to it?  I'm just trying to pysch myself up and am definitely going to be requesting the pain pump!  I have always prided myself as having a high tolerance for pain and even in labor didn't ask for anything during the 16 hours until they decided to start prepping me for an emergency C-Section and I started to have anxiety due to worrying about my son.  I just can't get past remembering the pain from my last surgery and how much time it took for me to get back on my feet.