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Pain and swelling after tt po 5 months

  • vampslayer
  • 2 years ago

I have done some heavy lifting which I thought was ok after almost five months po tt. I have so much pain and swelling now in my incision on the left side. I'm worried.

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did you ask your PS before doing so? I had my tt in march 26 so I'm 4 months I almost made the huge mistake and sign up for crossfit but since when I went for my 3 months follow up I asked my PS and he asked me not to do any heavy lifting until sept. since Imight compromise the work he did on my abs, I could only do cardio and maybe use 5 lbs weights and that's it, call your PS or his office and see what they tell you...take it easy now, yes you are 5 months but the healing is still going this is a huge surgery that can't be take it lightly...keep us posted ...:)