Pain During and Immediately Following Surgery

  • 2jdsandme
  • 2 years ago

I just had one love handle done on Friday (am having the other flank done this coming Friday). Oh wow. Those first 10 minutes are really uncomfortable -- it felt like a strong burning sensation! It did get better, but by no means is it relaxing during that hour. Just an FYI to anyone who may be doing this, once the applicator came off and the doctor did the massage, I thought I was going to vomit/pass out right there. It's very intense, the pain/discomfort, as your skin is warmed up again. I'm glad I had a light lunch a couple of hours before, or I would have been really sick or passed out. That feeling passed more quickly than it felt like at the time -- after about 10 minutes, I felt ok. Now, two days out, I'm doing fine -- just numb and feels bruised. We'll see how it goes!

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Did you get a major, and I do mean MAJOR bruise where the bottom part of the applicator went? Many years ago I had a C-section, the scar causes my belly to drop over it. YUCK. I agree, I thought it was rather painful. I now have a massive red and purple bruise - like blood vessels popped. And it is tender.
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*surgery??? haha! I meant procedure!!! Anyway ... day 3 here, and I have not had that awful pain that others have described which may start today or tomorrow. I hope it skips me...
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I am on the fence about having this done. Can you write an update? Did you have the itch and pain as others have posted and were you satisified with the results?

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