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Did you have pain after lip lift?

  • Cme-1
  • 5 years ago

considering Lip Lift procedure. anyone tell me the pain they felt?

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Sorry Jen, I am just now seeing this. I don't come on here much at all. I have not had a lip lift, only silikon 1000. Sorry that you are having so much trouble.
Hi Cindi! I was browsing through this website and your post caught my eye. From what I have read---you had a "Gullwing lip lift." Am I correct? I was wondering how your scars are now and if you are in pain from your scars? I had a Bullhorn lip lift, and my scars are at the base of my nostrils. I actually got filler in my lips and now I have internal scarring which is wrapped around the filler as well. I am stuck with internal scarring. Yes, the scarring can hurt and I was told that scarring can actually "grow." Can you please write me? Thanks! Jen
do your scars hurt??? my scars still hurt and the pain has increased.
Do you mind saying who did your lip lift? I am considering getting one. Thanks