Pain after breast augmentation revision with Strattice....anyone else?

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  • 1 year ago

Had original Breast Aug 9/2012. Bottomed out 3 months post. Was repaired with deep sutures. Bottomed out again, within 3 months. Doctor recommended revision using Strattice and I had surgery June 2013. I have been experiencing pain in my 'chest wall'. It is extremely tender to the touch, difficult to wear a bra, even sleep. The pain seems to be at the spot where, I assume, the Strattice is 'sewn in'. Is this normal? If so, how long before it subsides (or should subside)?  Has anyone experienced complications with Strattice or this type of issue?  What was done?  Thanks!

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I just had surgery one week ago for cc. I used stratisse, now I have severe pain under the best where the cc was worse, wonder if it is the stratisse settling in??
Why are there not more answers with The Strattice? I just had the same done and my left breast has pain and no mobility at all. I fear that I have CC again. Good luck!!!

Here is a link to a RealSelf member, Violet1234, who has been through it all...including strattice. Have you noticed any improvement the past few weeks? Feel free to write a review so you can get additional feedback and support. Wishing you the best.