Options to treat possible malar festoons

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Hello -- I'm 26 years old, and seem to have formed what are called malar festoons: slight but noticeable creases running across the mid-cheek area. What are possible treatments for this? I'd appreciate any and all suggestions, and thank you for your time.

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If its water or fat related, Thermage at high power settings can disperse/disolve fatty tissue and water, especially in men. I speak from experience myself on this. However like I said - high power. It's not comfortable. Ask for pain medicine prior to the procedure. Whatever is left over afterwards can be counter-acted by filling in any creased surrounding areas with Juvederm, etc. I get this done about once every 12-18 months to blast excess fat and water from my face. In women this may not be such a viable solution. Since in men, a thinner leaner face often results in what I call the 'gladiator' look, in women, whose faces and facial tissues and musculature are generally smaller, it can leave them looking gaunt, sullen, and emaciated.
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Looking at your photo specifically though, Restylane IMO could definitely fill in that crease area, providing a more even appearance. So in some cases it's not eliminating the baggy/swollen area, but more so using filler in the areas SURROUNDING it to bring it more in line with the area that is bothering you.
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