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Need opinions on TT recovery

  • LMM3
  • Columbus, OH
  • 3 years ago

I've got a question. My TT surgery is scheduled for Dec 19. For those that have had this surgery will I be okay and able to move about for christmas? We also have family over to play cards on new years eve. Would I be okay to do that our should I cancel it? Also all 3 of my kids birthdays are in january [8 and 19]. They want to have one friend over each to stay the night. I'm hoping I'll be okay for those weekends too. I dont want to ruin the holidays for everyone, but thats really the only time I can have my TT. Any thoughts or opinions????

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Thanks for the input. I'm a planner to the core. They call me the spreadsheet queen at work. Lol. I'm planning on being in some major pain for the first several days, so my parents are going to watch my kids. I'm just hoping I'll be up and walking around a little on day 4 when they come home. Day 7 will be christmas. Anyway, I just wanted to see if my thoughts were on target with what people have experienced. I guess if I plan for the worst I will either meet or beat my expectations. ;)
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This is a good question.. My surgery is the week before Turkey Day we usually don't do alot. So not to worried. But my hubbies family does do a get together so I told him he will go and I will stay put.
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In my case, the first week was a blur. I did go back to work at 2wks. I had help at home and didn't have to do much cooking or cleaning for the first 6 wks. Take your time to heal properly, others will understand you need some rest.
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Wow you have a busy schedule ahead of you.  Each person heals at a different pace but I can tell you that you will be pretty wiped out for the first 4-6 weeks.  

Go slow and see how you feel before each event.  But I would not push myself during this time.  You need to recover properly with rest and good nutrition.  

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