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  • 4 months ago

Hi everyone, I found out today that my partner had botox behind my back 2 weeks ago! he hadn't spoke to me about it, (not trying to say I'm a control freak and would have minded, because I wouldn't it's his body) this was a really big shock for me when he told me! I did get very angry through the fact of him not being open and honest with me as he lied about where he was going for the day and

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This is something which a lot of men and women try to keep it a secret, There is nothing to worry
It hasn't done anything for him as harsh as that sounds, he's complaining of no facial movement and is now regretting having it done, and he is even more annoyed that nobody has noticed the difference in his face at all!
I'm bummed he felt like he had to keep it from you to the point where he felt like he had to lie about it...but I think that just illustrates how embarrassed he was to even tell you (his partner). This is still a whisper topic for men and woman. Glass 1/2 full...he was probably trying to look better for you! :). I'd forgive this time. Did he look better?
Ohhh that is a tough one.  This is just my opinion, but I think there is a lot of judgement surrounding botox and even more so for men.  I think a lot of people keep it a secret for fear of being judged (including a lot of women who don't tell their significant others).  I would be inclined to let it go, but I get that you are hurt that he didn't confide in you first.  But that is just me!