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What are you opinions on this compression garment???

  • Tummytuckker
  • Nunya, US
  • 1 year ago

This is similar (if not the exact one) that I will be put into immediately after TT surgery.. anyone have opinions on it?  It's a full ankle length..  zips up on both sides.. straps come around and hook in the front (suspender type) I wasn't too crazy about the ankle length because I'll be wearing this at ALL TIMES for a month (except for showering) Oh and speaking of showering.. my PS says I am not to shower for ONE full week after TT.. is this typical? I am going to feel so grungy!! Haha! I'm sure I'll be capable of changing the oil in my car with the oil in my hair by PO day 2 or 3... haaha!!

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Omg that's what you've been wearing! I do believe that would be considered torture in some parts of the world. Eek.
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Thanks! I know what you mean about how hard they are to get off and on! When the nurse was fitting me for one, I could barely get my foot in it!! It is THAT tight! UGH!! I will say though, I would rather it be tight because I don't want any blubber hanging around after this TT!
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yea i wouldnt wear it. i wear the spanx and when i have topee i just ull the crotch aside its toooooo hard to get these things on & Off
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that looks like some serious compression! I hope you plan ahead when you gotta "go"!! It may help prevent blood clots though since it squeezes the whole leg. They'll keep you warm and cozy too!
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